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The Never Ever, Found #2 #3

Chapter 2

The two were about to leave, but then, “I forgot about my son, we had better wake him up before we scramble out!” exclaimed Jake the pilot to Steve the co-pilot. "We have to show him this beautiful island that we just landed on!" continued the pilot in a hurry. They scrambled to the back of the plane where the boy slept peacefully. “Wake up Mike! Take a look at this island!” said Jake excitedly. “POOF!!!” (sound effect) “Ahh" ... Mike sat up confused.

"Are you okay?" Said Steve, shocked. "Oh!?" huffed Mike. "Just a dream," said Mike relieved. Now all three beings scrambled out of the plane. "Take a look at this island!" exclaimed the pilot. Then, complete silents. "Did I just see this in my dream?" Mumbled Mike."Greetings young boy" suddenly came to a voice in a delightful, friendly way. "Who said that!"  The two-man reacted in unison, shocked and horrified. "Uh oh! My dream came true! …

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