What I want to learn About In this Unit

Now for U.O.I we are learning Electricity and Energy. This is one of the most challenging and exciting unit.  We are in the third unit for U.O.I .  we (my class) learned about some of the energy. For example Bio fuel, fossil fuel, hydro, nuclear, wind, solar, geothermal, e.t.c. I am most interested and want to learn about the nuclear and how this (nuclear) is so dangerous. I would be learning about all these things later in the unit. I am very excited for this unit.

Walk A Thon

Walk A ThonWalk a thon, helping a charity called blue dragon and that charity helps street kids. Our school helps the blue dragon charity. My school asks us, students to run laps around our school field for 20 minutes and for the grade ones and below, they run for 15 minutes. We ran around the field and not swim around the pool because everyone can run but not everyone can swim laps.
We get all our sponsors to give a flat donation or an amount per lap. We ask people like your friends, family, etc to sponsor you. My class wants to get the most sponsors and get the most money because we have the empathy of the street kids because we know what it feels like to be homeless. We did thought that this fun run is very important. My teacher compelled the class to slept on the rocky pointy and cold rocks for 20 minutes. Then we knew what it feels like to be homeless. I know that the name of this fun run is a little weird because it is WALK a thon, it could be RUN a thon because you really want t…

Basic fact test and phrase test

Basic fact test
We only have 5 minutes to answer 100 math question. For me, it is easy and I usually  finish the test in 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Right now we did this test 6 times. I did a 100 times correct in all six but just 1 of them I got 98. I should of got all of the basic fact testes correct.

Phrase test
This is kind of the same test as the Basic facts but in this test you get to level up. You start at phrase 7 and if you complete the test, finish lease then 5 minutes, and answer all the question correctly you get to level up to phrase 8 and so on. if you don't answer all the question correctly and don't finish the test in lease then 5 minutes then you stay in the same phrase.

October Little Break

Really... I did not really do anything but play tennis, sleep, eat and do homework. Okay, but I also visited my mums side family, and a little of shopping with my mum and sister. My dad was not with me because of his work.


Reflection of what I have Done It is almost the middle of the year. I have done the best in everything so I am doing well. I always finish all my assignment and pretty good with my work. I think this year will be well for me due for all the effort I have give in. I have my support from the best teacher ever in grade 5, Miss Tina. The only challenging subject I have done is writing. Now we are at the end of the migration unit. So we have to write a story of a person that migrated. I have done the assignment by finishing my plan. That was a little challenging but it was okay. Overall I think I have done well and tried my best.

Identity Snapshot (Nathan 5B)